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Information on domicile

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  • Census year: 1865
  • Municipality: Sand
  • Municipality number: 1136
  • Name of domicile: Aabøland
Number of persons in this domicile: 7

NameFamily statusMarital statusOccupationBirth yearPlace of birthEthnicity
Tolleif Niels. %Nielsdtr%HusfadergHusmand med Jord1818Sands Prgj.
Aasa Gundersdatterhans Koneg1810Sands Prgj.
Endre Tolleifsenderes SønugFædrift1842Sands Prgj.
Gunder Tolleifsenderes SønugFædrift1845Sands Prgj.
Tolleif Tolleifsenderes Sønug1856Sands Prgj.
Ragnild Tolleifdatterderes Datterug1849Sands Prgj.
Aasa Tolleifdatterderes Datterug1852Sands Prgj.