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Information on domicile

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  • Census year: 1865
  • Municipality: Luster
  • Municipality number: 1426
  • Name of domicile: Lovold
Number of persons in this domicile: 6

NameFamily statusMarital statusOccupationBirth yearPlace of birthEthnicity
Sølfest AndersenHusfadergHusmand med Jord1834Lysters Prgj.
Agatha Halvorsdatterhans Koneg1836Lysters Prgj.
Anders Sølfestsenderes Sønug1857Lysters Prgj.
Halvor Sølfestsenderes Sønug1862Lysters Prgj.
Christine Sølfestsdatterderes Datterug1860Lysters Prgj.
Anna Sølfestsdatterderes Datterug1864Lysters Prgj.