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Information on domicile

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  • Census year: 1900
  • Municipality: Trondheim
  • Municipality number: 1601
  • Street name: Kongens Gade 25
  • Street number:
  • City district:
  • House owner:
  • Number of flats: 2
Number of persons in this domicile: 17

NameFamily statusMarital statusOccupationBirth yearPlace of birthEthnicity
Cornelius WoldhfeJernbanearbeider1836Røros
Berthe Marie WolddugSydame1858Trondhjem ST
Karethe Sofie WolddugBestyrerinde1867Trondhjem ST
Dagmar Magdalene WolddugExpeditrice1870Trondhjem ST
Aagot Axselma WolddugHusbestyrerinde1875Trondhjem ST
Oskar WoldsugJernbanearbeider1873Trondhjem ST
Margrethe MøllerbugModedame1874Kristiansund
Odin M HauganhfgMaskinist1853Trondhjem ST
Betsy HauganhmgHusmor1854Trondhjem ST
Johanna Pauline Haugandug1878Trondhjem ST
Bergljot Konstanse Haugandug1881Trondhjem ST
Jonny Arnt Rye Haugansug1885Trondhjem ST
Ole Rye Haugansug1885Trondhjem ST
Håkon Haugansug1887Trondhjem ST
Elfrida Haugandug1888Trondhjem ST
Hildur Haugandug1890Trondhjem ST
Reidar Haugansug1893Trondhjem ST