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Instructions for the online directory of The Norwegian Historical Review

This directory enables you to find the headlines of articles in Historisk tidsskrift - The Norwegian Journal of History. The database has been translated from the book version of the inventory. In addition it is updated annually. Note that the translation has been done from a list of titles in Norwegian, without studying each article, Please report any errors or problems to the Norwegian Historical Data Centre, cf address at the main page.

The directory can be searched by author's name, title in English and title in Norwegian. All text is automatically truncated, so it suffices to enter the start of names and titles.

Last names must precede first names, and there are a comma and a space between them. Entering the last name will usually be adequate, and even this can be truncated. E g enter "Lang" to find articles by Langholm, Sivert. A few names are written with a special notation, e g Bull, Edvard (d.e.) - meaning Edvard Bull senior.

Enter the start of the article headlines you are requesting. You may also retrieve words or parts of words embedded in the title. Then your search criteria must be preceded by a percentage sign. For instance entering '%mines' will retrieve articles where this word is mentioned anywhere in the title.
A list of subjects covered in the journal is available here.

Warnings: Some articles have duplicates in the database because the same article was categorized in several ways for the book version of the directory.

By clicking highlighted references, you may inspect the English summary of articles that were summarized in the journal.

Many articles were regrettably not summarized, and there are no English summaries at all in the following volumes of the Norwegian Journal of History:

Volume - Year
44 - 1965
40 - 1960-61
39 - 1959-60
38 - 1957-58
36 - 1952-53
27 and earlier - 1925 and earlier