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Encoded censuses for Norway

An encoded version of the whole 1865, 1900 and 1910 censuses for Norway is now available from the Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) as a complete or a 2% selection. The 1875 census is only available as a 2% selection.

The 1900 census for Norway was both de facto and de jure, and thus includes both persons absent from their households and people temporarily visiting other households. In order to avoid over-counts, all aggregates should either include the absentees or the visitors so as to specify either the de jure (formal) or de facto (actual) population respectively. (Cf documentation on the resident variable.)

Although place and person names are included in the records, we warn genealogists to rather use the interface for searching, available at our home page.

The main contents of the household and person records variables are documented in the file Kodebok_eng.pdf (Norwegian version - Kodebok_norsk.pdf). More extensive documentation on the birthplace variables can be found at:

  • Documentation on the birthplace variables
  • Documentation on changes in the municipalities for Norway
  • http://ipums.org/usa/person.html for other countries.

The occupations have also been coded with a contextualized version of the HISCO system for international comparisons, cf van Leewen et al, HISCO - Historical International Standard Classification of Occupations, Leuven University Press 2002.

This encoded version of the censuses for Norway is compatible with late 19th century complete count censuses for Canada, Great Britain, Iceland and the US that are available from http://www.nappdata.org/. More information about the data sets and the extract system can be found there.

All use of this version of the censuses for Norway should contain references to the Norwegian Historical Data Centre and the North Atlantic Population Project. The text version of the censuses was computerized by the Digital Archives and the NHDC.