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Download the 1886 and 1838 land registers as Excel-files

The 1886 land register for the whole country can be downloaded as Excel-files. The files are "zipped" (packed), i.e. the files must be unzipped before they can be used. Each file contains the land register for all the municipalities in a province, except for the towns and the Finnmark province. The Hedmark province is devided into two parts, _a and _b, to get a more suitable file size.

The 1838 land register is only transcribed for the Hedmark, Buskerud, Telemark and Troms provinces and are zipped Excel-files.

File name explanation:
ma = land register
f= province
nn= province number, e.g. 01 = Østfold, 02 = Akeshus etc
.zip= zipped version

Province 1886      
01 Østfold         maf01.zip
02 Akershus maf02.zip
04 Hedmark maf04.zip
05 Oppland maf05.zip
06 Buskerud maf06.zip
07 Vestfold maf07.zip
08 Telemark maf08.zip
09 Aust-Agder maf09.zip
10 Vest-Agder maf10.zip
Province 1886      
11 Rogaland maf11.zip
12 Hordaland maf12.zip
14 Sogn and Fjordane maf14.zip
15 Møre and Romsdal maf15.zip
16 Sør-Trøndelag maf16.zip
17 Nord trøndelag ma17.zip
18 Nordland maf18.zip
19 Troms maf19.zip
20 Finnmark Does not exist!
Province 1838      
04 HedmarkMatr04-1838.zip
06 BuskerudMatr06-1838.zip
08 TelemarkMatr08-1838.zip
19 TromsMatr19-1838.zip

The overview below refers to the columns in the Excel-files.

KnrMunicipality number
Etternavn_eierThe surname of the land owner or user
Fornavn_eierThe first name of the land owner or user
GnrLand number of farm
BnrTitle number of sub-farm
MnrPrevious land number
LnrPrevious title number
GnavnFarm name
BnavnHolding name
Daler      Rural land tax in daler
OrtRural land tax in ort
SkillRural land tax in skilling
MarkRural land tax in mark
OreRural land tax in øre
SognName of municipality part

Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC)
The Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Troms N-9037 Troms, NORWAY
Updated: April 9th 2010