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Download the 1886 and 1838 land registers as Excel-files

The 1886 land register for the whole country can be downloaded as Excel-files. The files are "zipped" (packed), i.e. the files must be unzipped before they can be used. Each file contains the land register for all the municipalities in a province, except for the towns and the Finnmark province.

Province 1838       1886      
01 Østfold         Matr01-1838.zip maf01.zip
02 Akershus Matr02-1838.zip maf02.zip
04 Hedmark Matr04-1838.zip maf04.zip
05 Oppland Matr05-1838.zip maf05.zip
06 Buskerud Matr06-1838.zip maf06.zip
07 Vestfold Matr07-1838.zip maf07.zip
08 Telemark Matr08-1838.zip maf08.zip
09 Aust-Agder Matr09-1838.zip maf09.zip
10 Vest-Agder Matr10-1838.zip maf10.zip
11 Rogaland Matr11-1838.zip maf11.zip
12 Hordaland Matr12-1838.zip maf12.zip
14 Sogn og Fjordane Matr14-1838.zip maf14.zip
15 Møre og Romsdal Matr15-1838.zip maf15.zip
16 Sør-Trøndelag Matr16-1838.zip maf16.zip
17 Nord trøndelag Matr17-1838.zip ma17.zip
18 Nordland Matr18-1838.zip maf18.zip
19 Troms Matr19-1838.zip maf19.zip
20 Finnmark Does not exist!

The overview below refers to the columns in the Excel-files.

KnrMunicipality number
Etternavn_eierThe surname of the land owner or user
Fornavn_eierThe first name of the land owner or user
GnrLand number of farm
BnrTitle number of sub-farm
MnrPrevious land number
LnrPrevious title number
GnavnFarm name
BnavnHolding name